Investment Risk FAQs

Scarsdale CPA Paul Herman has all the answers to your personal finance questions! The following are frequently asked questions our Westchester CPA firm regularly receives regarding risks involved with investing.
 What should I take into account when I start investing?

  • Risk vs. Return
  • Asset Allocation
  • Diversifying
  • Monitoring Progress
► Risk vs. Return

The first step in the investment process is to figure out what sort of Return on Investment (ROI) that you are seeking.

► Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the selection of assets from across the asset classes.

► Diversification

Diversification is similar to asset allocation, but within the asset class.

► Monitoring Progress

You can start by examining your trading records and ensuring that all of the trades went through at the prices that you instructed.

Keep tabs on how your assets are performing.

Investment Risk FAQs from Scarsdale Accountant

Get to know the risks involved with building your nest egg.

If they seem to be underperforming, you may want to change your investments to some that may be more lucrative. You may want to also check to make sure that the investments that you own are in line with your current investment strategy. Your strategy may change over time. Be sure to compare your investments to your current situation.

▼ What risks will I be exposing myself to by investing?

There are definite risks to investing, but educating yourself can drastically limit your exposure to these risks.

  • When the rate of return is great, the risk usually is as well. Depending on the situation, you may put yourself at risk to lose all of your initial investment.
  • There is a great difference in the liquidity of assets. Some can be sold in moments, and some may take quite a bit of time – take this into consideration when buying. Some may also have penalties for selling early or maturation dates.
  • Investing in a company with little or no history is much riskier than those with a proven track record.
  • The previous performance of a stock doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock will follow that pattern.
  • Pay attention to news that pertains to the companies that you hold, information that is released about the companies in the news can seriously affect the values of the investments you hold.
▼ How can I avoid taking unnecessary risks?

  • Always trade through your brokerage firm.
  • Never make purchases from phone solicitations offering the next hot stock.
  • Never send personal checks to a sales rep, always to the company.
  • Always receive your monthly statements to double check that everything is correct and that there are no irregular charges.
  • If any sales representatives attempt anything that seems out of place, contact the branch manager of the company.

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