"I have been working with Paul Herman for around 8 years now, and not only did he handle my business and personal financial accounts for at least 5 years, but he also helped me with problems I had with both the IRS and New York State. Paul was extremely instrumental in helping me save a tremendous amount of money; Well over $200,000. Paul's integrity and ability to follow through is a direct reflection on the way he does business."

- Martin Shapiro


"Detail oriented, but strategic CPA. Incredibly responsive. Saves me thousands. Thanks Paul!"

- Christine Chan

“Herman & Company has been my accountant and advisor for more than 8 years. They handle all my personal and business tax matters with the utmost integrity and expertise. Paul and his team are always responsive, pleasant and thorough when answering my questions. In short, the best way I can describe my experience with Herman & Company is: Total confidence and peace of mind in each of the services they perform in the interest of my family and business.”

- John Menard

“Paul has been my accountant and Financial Advisor for 20 years. Herman & Company, CPAs is THE BEST. They return phone calls immediately and provide excellent financial advice. I can call with any kind of question and get a quick answer. That’s exactly what you want. I highly recommend them.”

- Alan Bonistall


“Herman & Company consists of a team of highly intelligent, responsive, proactive, patient, thorough and pleasant people to work with. Every time I send an e-mail, I receive a response same day. Every time I call, someone answers the phone. This level of responsiveness, especially with matters of my personal returns and business returns, is highly invaluable. Herman & Company is always remaining current with accounting changes and news in our society, and he frequently sends informative newsletters to his clients. The process of filing and processing annual and quarterly returns is seamless. As a client of 5 years, my taxes are consistently promptly filed, returns are always accurate, and the books for my wife's business are always accurate. Herman & Company has my highest commendation and I encourage anyone who is event remotely dissatisfied with their current accountant to contact Herman & Company for assurance and satisfaction.” ”

- Al Faella


“Herman & Company CPA, PC is by far the best accounting firm serving New York City and the greater New York Area. Paul, Matt, and their associates are fantastic, always available to help, and they provide excellent service to their clients. I highly recommend Herman & Company for your accounting needs. In addition, they develop strong relationships with each and every client, which is extremely important! Once again, I highly recommend Herman & Company for all your accounting needs.”;

- Jeremiah Smeltzer


“Paul and his team have been doing my personal tax for the last few years, and I can't say enough good things about them. They are very knowledgeable about all tax issues and are also extremely responsive on any inquiries. They have made my tax process as painless as paying taxes can be. More importantly, Paul and his team have the upmost integrity and are genuinely good people. I would highly recommend Herman & Co. to anyone.”

- Z Lu


“I had a potential problem with the IRS and when I called Herman and Co., looking to speak with a CPA, I had a wonderful conversation about my situation with the owner, where he pointed me in the right direction. The reason I believe this merits praise is because I wasn't charged a dime for the conversation and he said I could call back if I had any more questions. Wonderfully professional and an excellent gentleman who helped put my mind at ease with a level headed view of the situation.” 


- Matt McClanahan


"In December 2014 I was researching for a reputable accountant, and came across Herman & Company. Upon reviewing their online testimonials, my husband and I decided to give it a shot. We contacted the office and set up an appointment for the following month. Paul was super welcoming, and asked us many questions regarding our careers, finances, and family. We left the office feeling confident we were in good hands. Fast forwarding, 8 years later, we still use their services. Everyone in the firm is knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have. For that and many other reasons, I highly recommend their services."

-  Natalia Rathbauer

“Herman and Co. has been my accountant for more than 25 years. Having Paul work for me for so many years has been a pleasure. He is an outstanding accountant who provides exemplary consultation, assistance, and tax preparation amongst many other accounting services. I highly recommend this group for any of your accounting needs.”  

- Adrian Spitzer, M.D.


“Great group to work with. It was easy to make an appointment, very accommodating. User friendly website with a client portal were you can access all your documents. Paul Herman and his team are professional, honest and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend anyone to them.” 

- Maria Salva


“I dealt directly with Paul from the NY office who assisted me with some LLC matters; a friendly, very knowledgeable professional who I would definitely recommend to others. His tax prep fees are reasonable, and his demeanor definitely gives you the feeling that he's got a good handle on everything. Most importantly, he made time to be available for any questions I had. Many thanks!” 


- Artem Kotenko


“I have worked with Herman and Company for the past 3 years and am delighted with the expert service they provide. They resolved a serious tax problem I had and saved me considerable money, which I was (and remain) most grateful for. They are the best!”


- Pina Martinelli


“Paul Herman is the best CPA we have ever worked with. He is proactive, responsive, and very knowledgeable. Friendly and reassuring, he keeps us calm during tax season. Highly recommend. 5 Stars on Google.”


- Betsy Palmieri


“Paul and his team were a huge help in a complex tax situation, always responsive and professional. Having relocated from Germany to the US and after having dealt with a Top Four accounting firm, it was a huge difference dealing with Paul and his team in this personable and direct manner. They were looking after my personal situation and had an answer for all the specific questions that came up in an international tax context. Thanks again to a great team.”


- Christian P.


“Paul Herman has been my personal and business tax advisor and accountant for almost three years. During that time, he has been an invaluable resource whether advising me in my business or personal affairs. His unique blend of knowledge, sensitivity, technical savvy and responsiveness are qualities not ordinarily found in members of his (or any other) profession and I would recommend Paul categorically to anyone interested in obtaining top-shelf accounting services. In a world full of pretenders and wannabes, Paul is the real article. ”


- Daniel H. Stock, Esq.


“Paul and I clicked from the first introduction. He has good chemistry and shows deep concern for others. I've had the pleasure to work with Paul in a series of occasions and Paul has really demonstrated to be a warm and unassuming personality, which only enhances his aura of selflessness and humanitarian intentions.


Paul possesses an uncommonly sharp intellect and wit. He is one of the most pleasant persons you'll ever meet or work with, a pleasure and honor to communicate with, and a priceless asset to any company, organization, and circle of friends. He is forthright, but neither intimidates nor intrudes. He is genuinely friendly as well as honest. You will also be impressed with his authentic and professional manner.”


- Yoel Wagshal, CPA


“Paul has been my CPA for over 10 years. I’ve always had a good relationship with Paul. I’m a very satisfied customer and would recommend Paul to others.”


- Victor Aiello


“Herman & Company CPA’s, led by Paul Herman, CPA, is by far the best accounting firm I have ever had the privilege of working with. Paul is much more than just an accountant; he is a friend, and a person whom can be relied upon in the most difficult and stressful situations (who doesn’t have stress with their taxes and business-related issues). His wise counsel (which always includes planning ahead for next year’s taxes), and expert, up-to-date tax advice, has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. His fees are straightforward, easy to understand and fair, and a great value for the personalized service that Paul and his staff provide. If you’re looking for the best, and an accountant with honesty and integrity, Paul Herman & Company is the one.”

- Russell M. Higley, M.S., M.A., P.A.
Licensed Physician Assistant
Occupational Medicine & Sports Medicine
New York


“Paul Herman is the accountant for golf professionals!”

- Wendy Modic, PGA Golf Professional at Fenway Golf Club


“Thank you Herman and Company CPA's of White Plains, NY for once again providing top-rate, professional services preparing our tax returns. Herman and Company CPA's has prepared our returns for about 4 years now, and I can only say that I am totally satisfied with the service. They use all of the modern tools preparing the returns to provide an efficient and accurate service. I have gotten attention and courtesy whenever I would call or visit the office and have received responses rapidly.


While it is my responsibility to provide the necessary information for the returns, one year I missed turning in a statement, and the government later assessed taxes due. This happened during the summer. I called the office, provided the necessary documentation and Herman and Company CPA's provided a revised return quickly, minimizing the penalties and the amount due. The business is available and stays in touch throughout the year with useful newsletters and year-end tax guides. The business is an honest business and dependable always. When I needed advice regarding tax planning, it was available for me. Furthermore, having dealt with the principal of the business, I can only say that he is a very kind, courteous and mostly skilled professional. Now that I have used the service for a number of years, I could not think of using anyone else.

Total satisfaction. I look forward to many years to come for this service.”

- Thomas Weber, White Plains


“Paul made a change in our taxes this year that saved us $6,000. He pays attention to detail, provides a great service at a fair price. I recommend Paul's work.”

- Paul Broderick


“Paul Herman has been our accountant for more than 10 years and we have found him diligent, professional and responsive. We rely on him regularly as a trusted source of advice.”

- David Boorstin


“I have been a client of Paul Herman's for over 6 years. Paul has been incredibly helpful with preparing my tax returns every year. You and your team have walked me through starting a business and the complexities with its tax laws. Your team have always been available for my questions and concerns. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”

- Kalina Dyankova-Franklin


"I have worked with Paul Herman for some time. He is knowledgeable, not only about tax issues, but about business issues as well. He’s more than a CPA. He’s a business advisor. Paul certainly can prepare tax returns. But, more importantly, he can give business owners a financial strategy."


- Peter Helmer


“I have been a client of Herman & Co for over 25 years. Paul Herman has been incredibly helpful with preparing my tax returns every year. However the advice and guidance he can provide doesn't stop there. Paul is seemingly always available to answer questions and give pertinent advise on a variety of financial topics. I am a partner in a small business. Paul's advice and knowledge over the years has been invaluable. He is very honest, very organized, very current and has a terrific support staff that seemingly always accomplishes the task required professionally and in a timely manner. As I have little background in financial matters I have always felt comfortable going to Paul with issues or questions - no problem is too small for him to take the time to answer and steer you in the right direction. If you need the real personal touch in your financial matters - this company is the one for you.”


- Geoffrey McKenzie, DVM


"Paul and his team are wonderful to work with and very thorough. When using Herman & Company you know things are going to be done right. I fully recommend them."


- Chris Jahrmarkt


“Thank you very much Paul. You and Barbara have not only grown with me and my career but you were there and walked me through the rebuild after Hurricane Sandy to make sure my decisions were the correct ones for the long term. Your team has always made themselves available for questions and I feel confident that whatever challenge I put before them they will get it done.


You have become a household word, even my daughter scans receipts and instructs me to ‘please add to the Paul Herman Spreadsheet.’”

- Erika Jean McNeil


“Having worked with Paul for numerous years, I find his attention to detail, accounting acumen, along with his work ethic to be impeccable. Beyond his extensive accounting knowledge he also has terrific business judgment.”


- Paul Glickman


“Herman & Company does my taxes. They are excellent.”


- Susan Cook


“Paul Herman has been my accountant for over 30 years. Not only is he an excellent accountant, but a highly trusted financial advisor as well. Paul keeps himself up to date with the ever-changing tax laws and clearly communicates them to his clients. Besides his professional integrity and expertise, Paul is a great person to work with. I always look forward to and enjoy our meetings. Paul makes me feel like a valued client and always has time for my questions and concerns, no matter how trivial I think they sometimes might be. I couldn't recommend him more highly.”


- Laurie Seiden


“My husband and I have been clients of Herman & Company for many, many years. We use him for both our business and personal returns, various insurance auditing reviews, and estimated filings. He and his staff have always been professional, friendly, pro-active in advice, prompt at resolving any questions or problems that come up and extremely knowledgeable about all matters in the byzantine tax universe that we all need to navigate. We recommend him unreservedly.”


- Linda Broudy and David Eggers, Waccabuc, NY


“I have known Paul Herman since the late 1990's. We did financial planning seminars together and upon starting my business in 2002 Paul has been handling my account since. Paul is very knowledgeable, has always been there for me, has a wonderful, easy going way about him and always makes me feel valued as a client. For anyone looking for an accountant, Paul is that Diamond in the Rough.”


- Gary Wallach


“Our company, Meyers Handelman Company LLC, is a investment advisory firm headquartered in Rye Brook, New York. We have had a successful business relationship with Herman & Company, CPAs for over 25 years. Our services are complimentary which allows us to partner in providing a wide range of services to our clients.


I also know Paul as a personal friend. I highly recommend him.”

- Rick Handelman


“Finding a great accounting firm is critical for any business. That's why I consider my association with Paul Herman and company to be a fortuitous relationship that has become a strategic asset for my business. Paul and staff are accountants par excellence, who not only assist in finding the best possible tax outcomes, and constantly impress with the depth of their knowledge base. They are punctual and quick in getting back when I call with questions, but perhaps most importantly there is a warm feeling that I get working with them, that they are more than just business associates and are genuinely concerned on multiple levels with my company's well being. I can whole-heartedly recommend Paul and staff as a powerful ally for any business.”


- John Zaff


“Herman and Co., led by Paul Herman, has been doing tax and accounting work for my family for well over a decade. As my family has grown, Herman and Co. has grown as well as offering increasingly sophisticated services that are always on the cutting edge of the profession. I have always found the professionals at Herman and Co. to be highly knowledgeable, responsive on a timely basis, and a pleasure to deal with both on a professional and personal basis. I look forward to working with them for many years in the future as I have found MY accounting/tax that can grow with me in an increasingly complex world of taxes. They have my fulsome recommendation!”


- Ed Rimland


“Paul Herman & Co. has been extremely instrumental in my financial well-being; providing exceptional tax planning and advice through the years. Paul and his staff have guided me seemlessly through a career change and the service provided is truly first-class.”


- Andrew Lask


“It’s been a pleasure working with Paul Herman for many years. His services are excellent with quick response time to any questions.”


- Marcy Viboch

"I have worked with Paul for 10+ years and I couldn't be more satisfied. IRS/NYS tax issues were resolved quickly and in my favor! Everyone with whom I've interacted is responsive, professional and imbued with good humor."

- Ruth Goldfarb