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New to the Area?


New people...places...commute...schools.
Aside from all the adjustments you’ve made since moving into
your new home, there’s been the expense.



Why not start using your new home and the new tax law to your advantage
- and save at least $2,500 on this year’s tax return?



Welcome to the area. Although we haven’t met yet, we hope you’ve managed to settle in and begin to enjoy your new surroundings.

While the thought of meeting with an accountant is probably one of the last things on your mind right now, we want to let you know that we’re in the neighborhood -- when you’re ready to get acquainted with people who have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in matters related to your financial well-being.

Since tax time is just around the corner, however, you may also be interested to know about our no-risk satisfaction guarantee:

If, after our preparation of your 2017 income tax return, you are not completely satisfied that you are paying the least possible income taxes, then don'’t pay our bill.

As you can see, we’'ll bear the risk –not you. We’'ve been preparing tax returns for over 35 years and know that a knowledgeable preparer can make a difference. It’s about gaining control over your taxes…knowing about every available deduction…taking every one you are entitled to…and taking them on the most advantageous place on your return. Of course, we do it by the book and on IRS accepted terms.

There are new tax rules taking affect this year. New planning opportunities have been presented.

And, by the way, we hold the line on fees as well. Unlike a lot of professional services providers, we don’t keep a close watch on the meter all the time. We like to listen and talk, and we’re good at both. Our clients feel comfortable about having an ongoing, open dialogue with us.

Please call us today to make an appointment. Join the hundreds of people who called us after receiving this invitation in prior years and who have been our clients ever since!

Remember, we offer a Free Consultation, so contact us or call 914-400-0300.