Let Us Help You Reduce Your 2014 Income Taxes Now!

Let’s Review Opportunities to Cut Your
Taxes Before the End of the Year!

The surest way to overpay your taxes is
to ignore them until next April!

We believe that one of the most
important services that we provide
is end of year tax planning.

We want to help you avoid tax surprises.

Last year many Americans paid higher taxes. Many of the tax rules changed. There are a few more changes taking effect in 2014.

At this point in 2014, you should have a fairly complete picture of your income for the year from sources such as salary, retirement plan distributions, and dividends. The total of those, combined with other predictable income items, provides a good starting point for tax planning. Doing nothing could leave you paying significantly more in taxes than you need to.

All of us try to save money. Your taxes are one of your largest expenses.  Year-end tax planning could allow you to keep a great deal more in your pocket.

I encourage you to make 2014 year-end tax planning a priority.

Take the time to read our annual year-end
tax-planning letters that you can find on the home
page of our website http://www.hermancpa.com.
We provide tax saving steps that you can take now.  

We are committed to helping you analyze the tax-cutting options best suited to your particular situation.  If you have questions or if you would like to arrange for a year-end tax review please contact our office soon.  Don’t wait until the end of the year.  Some strategies require time, time you may not have if you wait until the last minute.

Planning can be especially important if there have been any changes in your life over the past year.  If so, it would make sense to speak with us soon.

One of our greatest satisfactions is helping our clients and friends save money.  We’d rather you have it than the government.

Please give us a call or email us today! It won’t hurt, I promise!

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